Can I travel to Cuba, Is it legal?

The overall answer is a resounding YES! While you will need to travel in one of the 12 categories of travel, there are still many ways to go to Cuba and see firsthand what everyone is talking about! We can help- contact Marazul today!

Can I travel as an individual to Cuba?

Even though Individual travel under the people to people category was eliminated on June 16th, 2017, there are still many ways to travel individually to Cuba. You can join a group that is already traveling, travel to do professional research (and even bring your family!), travel to visit relatives in Cuba, travel in ‘support of the Cuban People’ (staying at casas particulares), and other specific categories.

Are commercial flights still going?

Yes! Delta, American Airlines, Jetblue, and Southwest have many direct flights to Cuba. There are also several charter flights. Contact us for the full schedules! We can assist you with the best and most affordable flights, as well as your necessary Cuban visa.

What programs are available?

There are programs of every possible interest-from music to healthcare art to culture to environmental to education to women’s studies to culinary to architectural to cooperatives to legal and judicial. We offer programs ranging from intense specialized programs to relaxed, cultural programs… and everything in between and so much more. Please see our full list of diverse programs offered by Marazul, as well as a list of specialized preferred programs offered by our partners. We can help you find the program that fits your needs and your expectations.

Can I do a custom program?

Yes! Let us help make your wishlist a reality. You can put together your own group with friends and relatives with as few as 5 or 6 people. From our 40 years of arranging Cuba travel, we have the most extensive contacts and resources on the ground to help you arrange the program you are hoping for. Customize here!

Can I use a credit card in Cuba?

While it is legally possible to use credit cards in Cuba, most banks still do not have this possibility set up on the ground. The only credit card that appears to be working (and not everywhere!) is from Stonegate Bank. Don’t forget- you can prepay many expenses through Marazul! Check with us for the latest on credit card acceptance on the ground. At this moment, to be safe, for expenses during your time in Cuba, we recommend bringing sufficient cash and travelers checks.

How safe is Cuba?

Cuba remains one of the safest destinations in the world! We have been arranging Cuba travel for 40 years, so we know! It is a preferred destination for colleges and universities, as well as high school students, because of this well-earned reputation.

How do I get started planning a trip to Cuba?

Email, call or contact Marazul today! Let us know your interests and we can assist you from the beginning to the end of your Cuba experience.

What time of year is best to travel to Cuba?

The most popular times to travel to Cuba are from November to April. The weather is milder and beautiful, and most visits, including schools, are possible at these times. The only exceptions are during the two  holiday weeks (Christmas/New years and Easter Week), which can be wonderful for different reasons! You will find even better rates from May to October. May and the first half of June are great times to visit schools in Cuba. The weather begins to get very hot in June, July and August but if you are ok with a little heat, there can be wonderful opportunities, and you will find the most competitive rates during this time. The fire festival in Santiago and Carnival in Cuba take place during these months. There is no bad time to travel to Cuba, but let us know your priorities and we can recommend the best time for you!

I've heard that travel is risky- is now a good time to travel to Cuba?

Now is a great time to travel to Cuba! Unlike this time last year,  Cuba is not completely overrun with tourists, and the reports from the individuals and groups traveling now have been incredible. The amazingly quick recovery from the hurricane has already been witnessed by many travelers from all around the world. Cuba hit their 4 millionth visitor by October of this year, and is not considered a risk by any other country in the world. Costs have also come down some since last year and we can help you find the best program at the best budget to fit your needs.

Is there WIFI in Cuba?

Most hotels in Cuba now have wifi access, and even some parts of the Malecon and many restaurants! Travelers are able to stay in regular, if not constant, contact with friends and loved ones during their program, even downloading their favorite pictures and updates!  It is increasingly available, and getting better all the time.

Where should I go in Cuba?

Talk to us! It’s a big island with so many fascinating and unique cities, cultures and landscapes. Let us know your interests and hopes and we can help you to design the perfect program.

How is the food in Cuba?

With the huge increase in private restaurants, called ‘paladars,’ you will get the most well-rounded and satisfying  Cuban and international cuisines. You can even experience firsthand the process behind the growing popularity of farm-to-table cuisine and the organic movement in Cuba. Some of the most famous state restaurants also should not be missed!

I have heard about number conferences and events in Cuba- Can US people attend professional conferences and events in Cuba?

Yes, Marazul has made arrangements for all of these years for any conferences or event taking place in Cuba. Contact us today!

What about cruises?

If you are interested in traveling on a cruise or on a mega-yacht program, let us know! We can find the one that’s right for you and assist at all levels of your arrangements.

Do I need any inoculations to travel to Cuba?

No shots are required for travel to Cuba. Click on this link for all recommendations from the CDC: