Welcome to our brand-new Marazul webpage and blog! This has been a long time coming, and we are so excited to finally be at this point and have a place where we can give you real-time information, straightforward explanations, and help navigate the ever-changing landscape that is Cuba travel!

Something we always say to our clients is that working in Cuba travel is never boring! When we began in 1979, we had three main objectives:

1) Help Cuban Americans reunite with their Cuban Families

2) Bring as many groups and people as possible from the US to Cuba to see Cuba firsthand, with their own eyes

3) To End the restrictions on travel to Cuba, leading to an end in the blockade. We wanted to be a bridge between the people of both countries at a time when that bridge was so desperately needed.

At times, we have had just a small trickle of steady travelers- solidarity activists, Universities, and small groups of professionals and organizations — to other times, like recently, where there was a deluge of excited travelers, happy to finally get the chance to experience Cuba. We have worked with travelers on a shoestring budget to travelers of the highest end programs. The common thread, throughout all of these: Traveling to Cuba is the trip of a lifetime. This has been true for all of us who work here as well. And while our goals are still the same- we are still that bridge!- the layers get deeper and the challenges broader. We are in the tumultuous time, where travel both out of our country and travel into our country appear to be under attack. For those of us who wish to strengthen bonds with the people of the world, and educate ourselves and our families internationally, it is so important to keep that bridge open- and to continue to strengthen it.

In this ever-changing world, Marazul is changing too. We are now a company led by women, half women of color. We are represented by people from all over the hemisphere. We seek to offer programs that get to the heart of matters that promote the deepest exchanges and conversations on topics not yet fully explored. When programs to Cuba became too expensive for most travelers, we offered affordable programs to anyone seeking to travel to the island.  Our programs are for those who want MORE from their travel than quick glimpses, small talk, and experience through a window. We get you deeper due to relationships we have built through 40 years with our partners, counterparts, and friends in Cuba, with every institution, and many organizations, small businesses, and community projects. This past year Marazul helped to form RESPECT, a travel association for Responsible and Ethical Travel to Cuba, now joined by more than 160 organizations and leaders committed to ethical and sustainable principles of travel to Cuba. We are guided by these principles and apply it to all of our partnerships and the programs and tours we send.

Last but not least in our welcome to you, we want to assure you that we are committed to bringing you the clearest information. We know that there is a lot of confusion and misperception regarding Cuba travel, and in our committed role, we will do our best to clarify and to clear that path for you. Whenever there are new regulations (in either country), come here to find the breakdown; — visit our website for the latest regulations and a list of updated categories. When there is anything important happening in Cuba that could affect your travel, we will bring that to you (for example, Cuba was just chosen ‘Safest destination in the world’ at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR 2018) in Madrid, Spain, attended by more than 140,000 people!). We will highlight the must-sees for you; bring you important news and new developments.  No need to look anywhere else, Marazul Tours is here for you, and for any and all of your Cuba travel needs!


Kendra Guild